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Jensen is Pleased to Introduce
Our All New On Line Parts Store
The new Parts Order System  has been tested for both function and accuracy of prices,
However, should you encounter any problems entering a part or receive an incorrect price, please let us know so we can make the needed changes.


Grab Our Parts List in a Printable Format

Use Our new "Print Jensen's Parts List" Button
or your browser's File - Print command to print it out.
Patience...it's 5 full printed pages!!

Last update:
Sunday, 16 October 2016
09:00:10 GMT.


Did you finally receive your Jensen Steam Engine off eBay?...and
UH OH !!... it's missing a few parts! Or has it been passed down for generations and now the "kid" has grown up and you want to, "fire her up again!"...but, "Oh No!!... parts are missing or you need fuel. Good News!!... we still have parts available for most of our engines... even from the 1930's.

Now you can place your parts orders, on line, using our secure server based shopping system.  You asked for it and we're listening. Simply use the link provided above and select all the parts you need  from our  interactive parts list.  We still offer our parts list in an easy to print web page format  so that you can have a copy, all your own.

Don't forget to indicate the Style number of your engine when it's asked for. You can then select only the parts you think you need. Then simply go through the check out process and send the  Order  right to Jensen, where we'll get your parts out to you.... pronto!!

We hope this new addition will simplify things for all of our loyal fans, but espcially those from other countries, around the  world, who've been so patient while struggling to get their parts orders processed, in the past. Hopefully we're making it all a bit more of a painless and enjoyable process.

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