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These brass and cast iron "Heavy Weights" have been in daily production since the 1930's and 40's. From the very popular, #-55 Twin Cylinder engine to our New model 95G Steam Turbine Mini Power Plant, each is still crafted and hand-assembled, right here in our unique factory.  These "Golden Age Classics" are quite a sight to behold... almost all have reversing capabilities and extended running times. These "ULTIMATE" Jensen Steam Engines are individually hand-made for you at the "blistering" rate of only one per week.

These engines are our pride and joy and we always prefer to consult with each customer before a purchase is made. This is just to assure that you get the engine best suited to your particular needs. However, we also heard your requests and we have added these premium Jensen Stem Engines to our online store  for your shopping convenience.  You can still feel free to give us a call or email us if you have questions you would like to ask.


Now With LARGE High Resolution Photos of Each Collector Engine!!

Tom Jensen Sr. Biography
Tom Jensen Sr.
"My Personal Favorites"

Model # 55
Steam Engine


Model # 20
Steam Engine 

Model # 55-G
Steam Engine 
Mini Power Plant

Model # 15
AC Generator

Model # 20-G
Steam Engine 
Mini Power Plant




Governor Animation



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