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Model # 85

Model # 70

 Model #60 & 76

Model # 70G

Model # 25/75


Our collection of 8, solid brass and nickel plated Steam Engines, are perfect if you are involved in School Science Fairs, Scouting Merit Badge projects or just interested in learning more about mechanical energy and motion and the way "things work". Be sure to click on these engine pictures to see full screen details and specifications of these Powerful Steamers.

ALL engines equipped with seamless brass silver soldered boilers, Deluxe 3" power take off flywheel,safety valve,whistle & throttle valve (except #85,), nickel plated finish engine and boiler ,water level guage, custom lube oil, filling funnel, dry fuel for 1 hour running time (except electrics) and operator's manual.

Happy Steam'n.

Model # 65

Model # 25G





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