Dry Fuel Tablets

Esbit Dry Fuel Tablets...
You have a Dry Fuel engine and now your steamín has come to a halt for lack of fuel. Not to fear...we always have on hand, thousands of these little power pills to keep your engine going at full steam ahead! These fuel tablets are specially formulated to provide the proper temperature levels and burn duration, with no smoke or fumes. Always keep several boxes on hand, so you are always ready to power up that little Jewel for friends and family.

$7.50 (u.s.d)
plus shipping





Steam Engine Oil

Steam Engine Oil...
Specially formulated for Jensen. High viscosity and high temp oil will not wash off like a light duty oil. This is a necessity for maintaining any steam engine in its peak of proper health and performance. Each bottle comes with a dispenser cap. One bottle will last up to a year with normal use.

PRICE: $5.20 (u.s.d)
plus shipping






The Famous JENSEN #15 A/C Generator....
Designed by Tom Jensen, Sr. in 1948, is the finest miniature A/C "visible Generator made and the perfect accessory for turning our larger electrically heated steam engines into a miniature power plant. For additional Science Fair and Physics fun, this "Genset" can be powered by any external power source, such as an electric motor, hand crank, wind or water power.  The perfect way to demonstrate the basic electrical principals used by Thomas Edison in the 1880's"

Please note that our Model 15 Jensen Generator
is not compatible with Jensen models 60, 76, 65, 85

PRICE: $136.95 (u.s.d)
plus shipping  





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