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Would you like to become a Jensen Steam Engine Dealer?



Jensen Steam Engines is currently looking to increase its presense in the retail hobby market. While we always welcome inquires from Toy  and School Supply distributors, we are also looking for limited number of motivated owners of independent hobby shops, those individuals who regularly attend steam engine, antique machinery and machinist hobby shows, or individuals who are well connected in the miniature steam community.

Jensen Steam Engines offers very generous dealer discounting and all of our high quality Hobby and Educational Steam Engines and Generators can be shipped from the factory, directly to your customer.

If you would like to discuss becoming a member of the
"Jensen Family", please contact us by email at


for further details


Model # 85
Steam Engine 

Model # 60
Steam Engine 

Model # 76 
Steam Engine

Model # 65
Steam Engine 

Model # 70 D
Steam Engine 

Model # 70
Steam Engine 

Model # 75
Steam Engine 

Model # 25
Steam Engine 

Model # 70 G
Mini Power Plant

Model # 15
AC Generator

Model # 25 G
Mini Power Plant

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