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Re-Introducing the World Famous
Jensen Model # 50
Power Plant


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Here at Jensen, we are pleased to announce that our well known Jensen Model 50 Miniature Power Plant is returning to production, after years of absence. This behemoth  of a steam engine is certain to become the main attraction in anyone's  collection or educational display.

The Model # 50 is the same engine that was used on our World Famous Model 51, in a far more manageable size. The Jensen model 50 is our largest Power Generation Plant, producing a hefty 1/10 horsepower, under full steam. Since our founding, each of these uniquely designed  engines has been individually and lovingly handcrafted  and factory tested to insure the absolute maximum in performance. The model 50 is, without a doubt, the pride and joy of any collector who owns one. Please note that production is limited.

Features and Specifications

  • 5 inch Brass and Nickel Boiler with Whistle, Pressure Gauge  and Throttle Valve
  • Massive Cast Iron Engine Base and Axle Journals
  • Heavy Cast Iron Flywheel with PTO "V" grooves
  • Reversible with Multiple PTO's
  • High Torque Engine with Double Acting Cylinder and Slide Valve
  • 7/8" Bore x 1" Stroke
  • Exclusive 660 watt Hotwatt 110V. Immersion Heater (2 each). Also available in 240 volts
  • Jensen's Signature Model 15 A.C. Electric Generator and Lamp Post
  • Stainless Steel Boiler Stack


Includes the following special features:

7/8" Bore x 1" Stroke  Cylinder
5 inch Cast Iron Flywheel with PTO
3 Water Level View Ports
Adjustable Throttle Control
Cylinder  Oiler Cup

Engine Journal Oiler Points
Working Flyball Governor
Dual open window Crosshead Guide
Pressure Gauge is standard
Feed Water Pump and Reservoir Cup

Price:  $5000.00

We ask that you contact us directly
by phone
to arrange for the purchase of your
Jensen Model 50  Miniature Power Plant





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